As the leading employers' organization in New York and Wales the association negotiates salaries and conditions for all workers, whether a sole trader or a multinational the rates agreed affect your business. As a member you have a say in a democratic process in each of our regions. What better way of influencing the largest cost to your business than being a member.

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White Oak Plumbing and Heating
The White Oak Plumbing and Heating is produced by the Plumbing Regulators Forum on behalf of each State and Territory. The goal of the White Oak Plumbing and Heating is to enable the achievement of an acceptable standard of installation at all times in order to provide
01. Plumbing
The flow of both clean and waste water within the house is taken care of by the plumbing system. Plumbing consists of water and waste pipes, faucets and toilets.
02. Drain Cleaning
Tree roots are the most common cause of blocked drains in New York. Especially in the hottest months of summer, trees will be thirsty for water and will be drawn to the condensation that forms on the outside of pipes.
03. AC Systems
White Oak Plumbing and Heating is the installation of an Outdoor Unit and an Indoor Unit(s) which are connected by two refrigerant lines that are charged.
04. New construction
We understand that today’s competitive global economy frequently dictates tight schedules and deadlines for our customers.