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White Oak Plumbing and Heating is an Authorized under floor heating installer.

We are always civilizing our knowledge with the up to date technology that is taking place in today’s world. We would like to give you this opportunity by giving you this information on the latest efficient energy saving way of heating your home. Under floor heating works by circulating warm water through a network of cross-linked poly-ethylene pipes laid in the floors, gently spreading heat through the house. With conventional radiators, temperature variations can happen due to uneven radiator coverage. Not so with under floor heating, as the pipe network covers the entire floor area for even heat distribution throughout.

Safety and Health Benefits:

  • No hot, hard radiators for young or old to injure themselves
  • Benefit to asthma and allergy suffers
  • Convection currents and draughts are all but eliminated
  • Lower dust levels on the house.