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Plumbing installation

The flow of both clean and waste water within the house is taken care of by the plumbing system. Plumbing consists of water and waste pipes, faucets and toilets. Problems in the plumbing system may lead to unsafe drinking water or wastes not properly disposed, which may lead to diseases for the residents.  

How easy it is to install. Start by placing the Basin where you would like it to be situated. Take a step back to see how the unit best fits into the landscape. Using a marking paint, trace the outer perimeter of the Basin. Using a flat shovel, form straight edge walls to ensure a good fit. Feel free to check the progress of your dig by placing the Basin in the hole. Tamping the soil at the bottom will keep it firm and level, and prevent future settling. Optional backfill material may be used to aid the leveling process in tough digging conditions. Place the Basin in its new resting place.